Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeding Ducks in the Georgia Heat

About two weeks ago Bryson and I were doing some lessons that revolved around the book "The Story About Ping." So on the last day of the lessons (Friday) we went to the park with the pond (and alligators!) and fed the ducks. Well, the boys of course remembered that and really wanted to go this past Friday and feed the ducks again. The boys had a really good time feeding the ducks but some of them can get a little vicious, especially the big fat males! Bryson also brought his scooter and rode it around a little and they played on the park. It was a fun time.

Right now it is rainy season but luckily it didn't rain. However, it was VERY humid and sticky. We still had fun but needless to say we were all drenched in sweat by the time we got home. I didn't really get that much of a fuss when it was time to go home. Oh well, I guess that's part of the "joy" of living in Georgia :).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun at School

I think the boys had a fun day at school today. On Thursdays I try to do some type of art project so today we broke out the new paints and had fun painting. Zeke's creative picture is of Noah's ark during the flood and it's storming. He's a very imaginative little boy. He even manages to name all of the vowels - but not by their real name, by the "good guy" name he gives them (he knows the proper one too). He then takes out his light saber (a white board marker) and defeats them when I say a word that uses their sound. He usually keeps them the same name and he wants them to be the good guys 'cause he is the bad guy. Funny little boy! He's been doing really well since we started school. His teachers at church even noticed he was listening really well.

Bryson was in a dress up mood and so he dressed up as a SWAT Policeman today. He thought it was pretty cool. He wanted to go to "" which of course doesn't exist but he thinks everything has a ".com". He had a faithful sidekick with him today, AJ, who helped him get all the bad guys and take them down. I thought he'd enjoy spelling a little more today if we pretended a ball was a grenade and when he spelled a word right he could throw it at me (spelling can get pretty boring, ya know??!!). Anyway, those were the exciting things we did at our "Church Academy." If I was a paid teacher at a job I probably would of called in sick but I guess there isn't a substitute that can come in for me, huh? Oh well, I survived by the grace of God (literally).

One of Zeke's favorite parts of school is his computer time. He loves listening to the silly songs they sing on a "Jump Start Science" computer game. We do it at the end after lunch as a special reward for doing a good job at school. I love to hear him laughing at the funny songs and playing them over and over while learning at the same time.

God has been so good to me and helping me with all my insecurities about homeschooling. He's made it clear this is what He wants me to do but I sometimes struggle with what others think of my life and is it very meaningful in their eyes. I know that it doesn't matter but God gently reminded me through his Word and through the mouths of my own children. I believe God used Bryson to show me that my efforts for Him are not in vain. Yesterday he was extremely interested in learning all there was to know about the Bible and said he wanted to praise the Lord and serve Him. Although he hasn't come to understand completely what it means to ask Christ to save you or anything, seeds are being planted and I'm so excited to see him excited about God.

On a separate note, please remember to pray for Zeke. He is pretty much being reevaluated from the beginning and in more detail. We are slowly weaning him off the Depakote and he is no longer on any vitamin or mineral supplements. For those of you who don't know, the medicine that he was on was not working and his headaches/eye pain are continuing and getting more frequent. We are supposed to be taking back to the Ophthalmologist to reevaluate his eye and then he has another sleep deprived EEG scheduled for Sept. 15th but this one is 6 hours long. My sister explained to me why they sleep deprive him. Since they are looking to capture his seizures they need him to be in a state that is most likely to produce seizures, sleep deprivation. Normal people do not have seizures even if they are sleep deprived. If we just took him without him being sleep deprived than he may not have a seizure since he may not have them every time he sleeps. Anyway, prayers are appreciated as we go through this process again. I'm thankful we at least have a doctor who is willing to say she doesn't really know what's going on and willing to retest or whatever to get to the bottom of what is going on with him.

Have You Ever Wondered?

I started this funny video series of "Have You Ever Wondered?" in our youth  group the other night.  I thought I would put our first video on our blog so you can see what we are doing.  The teens thought it was pretty good and now they are coming up with ideas for our future videos.  When we do them, I will post them.   I am excited about tonight cause we signed Bryson up this year to play soccer and he is really excited.  Tonight is our first meeting and we will find out games and practices and all.  I was called the other day to see if I would coach and of course playing soccer my whole life, I said sure.  I get to coach Bryson's team and another kid from our church.  I am excited.  Well, have fun watching the video.  If you have an idea's let me know.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School is Back in Session

Well, we've started our second week of school now and the boys seem to be doing pretty good
(jury's still out on the teacher though). We've been talking about creation in our Bible part of school. So, as a fun little treat we made our very own "creation concoction." Here is all the yummy things that were inside:
  • cool whip and chocolate chips (day one - God created the night and the day)
  • marshmallows (day two - God created the air and the sky)
  • vanilla wafers (day three - God created the land and the sea)
  • sprinkles (day four - God created the sun, moon and stars)
  • Jujy Fruits - fishes (day five - God created the fish and the birds)
  • animal crackers and sour patch kids (I tried to find gingerbread men but it's the wrong season; day six - God created the animals and Adam & Eve)
And of course on day seven God rested so in honor of that they ate their wonderfully delicious "concoction." I found this idea from a website I use a lot for teaching children Bible stories - here.

Of course we had to put a picture of AJ in here too....we let her walk around in her cute little robe for a little while last night after her bath. It's getting a little small but she is still so cute!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary...

Well, we have had some things happen over the past few weeks and so now we h
ave a new blog site.  We hope you find this some how cause we lost most everything on our other one.  Anyways, Family here is doing great.  Last weekend was our Anniversary and so Amanda and I hired some babysitters and went away for the weekend.  We had a great near Savannah we have never really done much of the tourist stuff, so that is what we did.  We stayed at the Hyatt on River street with a beautiful view from our room, ate and a wonderful restaurant called the "Boars Head," and then ended the night with a Ghost Tour of Savannah.  It was really fun.  I appreciate and love my wife so much and thank God for her everyday.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally Home!

We are finally back home now and  back into the swing of things.  Amanda and the kids were in OK for about a week before I flew down to spend some time with them.  We got to see her brother and his wife in Tulsa, OK and then it was off to her NaNa's house in Cookson OK.  I love it out there cause they have such a beautiful place.  We took the golf cart out threw the back of the mountain area where they live, then we went fishing.  I caught my first catfish around 10:30 at night.  It was a good size one and a nice little fight, but I have never hear of catching them off of worms.  I guess I just got lucky.  Then the next day, the boys and the girls had a competition on how many fish we could catch.  We all tied with 9 each.  It sure was nice to see her family and spend some time with them.  But I was excited about getting them home.  It took two days and our new car did a wonderful job.  Now Amanda will be starting school with the boys here next week.  While they were gone, it was Zeke's birthday and we didn't really get to do anything, so yesterday we took him to his favorite place, Chucky Cheese.  He wanted to tell him that he missed him :)  Here is a little movie of some pics on our vacation, some before it and some after it.