Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Allergy Time!

If you look really closely, you can see that we have gone from Michigan's white snow, to what some call down here Georgia snow. Michigan's is white, Georgia's is yellow, and no it is not what you thinking :) Down here the pine pollen is rediculous. Bryson and Zeke are struggeling with it the most. Matter of fact, today Amanda is taking them both into the doctors again. We sure have had them there alot. Thank God for health insurance! Just pray for the boys that they get better. Bryson is dealing with some type of eye gunk stuff. It was so bad the other morning that his eyes were litteraly glued shut. He did not like that of course. Anyways, you can also see that allergies don't keep the boys completely down. Bryson sure likes to dance, so I put some music on the other day and left, when I came back I found him dancing in the living room. He is so funny to watch! Hey, the Bible says that "David danced for the Lord!"

Friday, March 23, 2007

Family Is Here!

Sorry that we have not blogged on our site lately, but we have been really busy and all with Amanda's parents and her sister who visited us this past week. We had lots of fun as this was their first time here with us in GA. They got in on Saturday night as we were finishing up our Pit Stop with the youth at church. Then on Sunday was their anniversary, and it was also the RBT 40th anniversary too. How weird is that? Then my day off was Monday so we took them out for most of the day. We took them to River Street where of course if you go, you have to go to the Savannah Sweets and get some taffy. Then we took them to Tybee Island so that Mom and Abby could see this side of the ocean for the first time. Then we ended the day at Sticky Fingers Barbeque. UMMMMMM!

Then the rest of the week they were here, they just hung out here at home and at the park. We were glad they got to come and see us! Other than that, we all are doing great. Today was in the 80's so that hot weather is on its way. Enjoy the pics and we will update again here soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Swimming in Georgia!

Today was in the 80's today so I decided to let the boys go swimming. They were so excited. The first thing Zeke did when he go to the pool was jump right in. The water was pretty cold but they didn't seem to care. They pretended they were a chocolate factory (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and stirred up chocolate for me to eat. Tomorrow's supposed to be just as nice so we'll probably do this again.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yes I am 28!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! Amanda called me at work and told me not to come home until 12:15pm. So I waited and went home and when I walked up to the house, there was a sign on our new fence gate that said, "come on in." I walked in and there my family had thrown me a backyard party for me. We had Subway and Chips which is my favorite and then they got cup cakes for me. Then the boys made me a card and they did a nice job. Amanda made me feel really special. Then the boys played and Zeke found a lizard and carried it around with him everywhere he went, until I had to take it from him cause he didn't know that he had squashed the poor thing! He didn't no any better, but I could tell something when the lizard wasn't moving anymore.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thank You RBT!

The church was very nice to us (as they always have been) by getting a fence put in our backyard this past week. We are so grateful for this for now we can let our boys out of the house and not worry about them running off somewhere! Although I am sure they will one day figure out how to get OUT of the fence, I remember those days! Anyways, yesterday the boys and I spent the afternoon cleaning up the backyard. We had to go and get a rake and now we are looking for nice lawn things to put in our backyard. It is funny because up north we were so used to raking up leaves, but down here in our yard now, it is nothing but pine needles! We are just thankful for an awesome church family down here and I hope that one day all my friends up north will get to meet this wonderful place!

Monday, March 5, 2007


Today was Nick's day off so we went to the mall where they have a fun play place called...SKUKUZOO. There were a lot of tunnels to climb in and slides. And yes, there is a pregnant lady (me) crawling up there with them too. Bryson & Zeke especially liked the ball pit where they threw balls for a long time. Afterwards we went to Logan's Roadhouse for Nick's birthday. It was a really fun day!

Bryson's Valentine Party

Here is a picture of the party Bryson had at preschool for Valentine's Day. As you can see, Zeke thinks he's part of the class too! They both sang songs and had lots of treats as usual. Bryson picked out baseball Valentines for his classmates and he got lots of candy and cards from all his friends.