Monday, July 21, 2008

And they are off...

Today the family left early this morning for Oklahoma.  They are driving to Tupelo, MS today and should arrive sometime around 6pm depending on stops and stuff through the day.  Yesterday was a stressful day getting them ready to leave.  Actually it was the car that I had to get ready.  As you may know, we bought a new car this year.  We went from a Chevy Trailblazer to a Mazda 5.  I love the thing, it is a neat car and does really good, but this is the first trip it has been on.  Of course coming from a Trailblazer where we had tons of room for luggage to a Mazda 5 with no room at all.  That wasn't a problem too much cause we already had a car top carrier.  All we had to do was purchase a luggage rack. Well, the car top carrier didn't fit and so at last minute I had to do my own modifications to it and so I pray it holds up well.  It should.  But everything is going well so far, i just heard from them and they are almost out of GA so they are making decent time.  Kids are doing fine and the car seems to handle pretty good.  Please pray for my family as they are on the road today and tomorrow.  

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zeke's early Birthday Gift

Zeke won't be here for his birthday this year so MeMe and PaPa sent his gift this past week. We let him open them tonight and he is already playing with his new toys. Thanks Mom and Dad. Zeke loves them.

Back from Camp!

Well, what a great week it has been in Brevard, NC at The Wilds Christian Camp. We took up about 24 teens and some juniors and everyone had a great time. Many decisions were made through the week and now I will go through those slips of paper this week as I try to keep our teenagers accountable to what they committed to the Lord. It was also a great refreshment for Amanda and I. She has never been there so it was good for her to go this year. We will be up there again next year about this time. Our kids really enjoy it there.

While we were gone, Amanda's Mom stayed with the kids, and before we left, AJ was starting to walk...well when we returned today she is pretty much walking all the time. How fast those kids grow. I will miss my family dearly as I only get one day with the kids before they all leave for OK on Monday morning. Please pray for them as they travel.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Up at Camp!!!

Well, Amanda and I this week are at Teen Camp at The Wilds in NC.  It is really nice here and the teens are having a blast as we speak.  We have taken tons of pics already and will through out the week.  Before we left, Amanda's Mom came here with her sister (Amanda's sister) which came to camp with us and before we left we played at the park during the week.  The boys found a tiny little lizard which they thought was just the coolest thing.  Zeke loves to push AJ on the swing.  By the way, my little girl is almost walking.  It is so cute watching her try.  She takes about 7-8 steps and then falls.  Won't be long :)  Continue to pray for our teens while they are at camp this week.  We have already had some problems, but pray they will stop.  Satan tries his best to ruin God's work.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Fun

It has actually been nice not doing much over the past weekend.  Usually for the 4th you are busy going here and there, but this year, our family just hung out around the home.  We watched movies together, played outside together and then went and saw the fireworks as a family.  With things so busy here in GA it was nice to just relax for awhile and not do much.  Here in our blog today you will find some pics of just fun stuff around the backyard and of course AJ in a laundry basket.  We had one of the boys when they were real little so it was cute to get one of AJ too.  The boys love their water slide and then at church they showed off the armor of God.  It was good.  Here are some pics and some videos...enjoy

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our American Idol Gets Stage Fright

Okay, I'm posting this separately 'cause I think it's really funny. It happened awhile ago when Nick's mom was here. AJ really likes to "sing" into the what happens, it's gross but funny (note - if you have a weak stomach you may not want to watch!).

VBS & Summer Fun

This past week our church had vacation Bible school. The boys had a lot of fun singing the songs, learning verses, playing games and most importantly spinning "the wheel." Our church has a huge wheel that when their number is called they get to come spin it. Also, on the last night we had a carnival for all the kids and their parents. It was also a lot of fun. They each painted their faces with spiders and Bryson with a spider and cherries (go figure :}).

We also got a cool inflatable water slide at a garage sale on Saturday. The boys had a lot of fun with it yesterday. Daddy made it a little too slippery with some dish soap and Bryson about slipped right off the slide!

On a side note, we were supposed to be at church tonight for the Pensacola Christian College drama team. AJ woke up from her nap with over 103 temperature so we weren't gonna make it. I think it's related to her teething but that's an pretty high temp even for that.

Please continue to pray for Zeke. Last week was a real trial with VBS and the reaction he was having to that medicine (Trileptal). Anyway, we got him on a new medicine (Depakote sprinkles) which seems to be doing better with his behavior and seizures (as far as making them worse). I guess it's a little too early to tell whether or not it's going to work or not. Thanks for all your prayers!