Friday, May 23, 2008

School is Almost Done!!

Bryson took this picture today of their funny clown they put together in school. They each had to read one of the words on a flashcard and then put it in a sentence (this can be quite entertaining). After they read the word and everything they put a piece of the clown on. Anyway, Bryson thought the clown was really cool so he wanted to take a picture of it.

We are all looking forward to school being done for the summer. It's been a great year - one of learning which I'm sure I'll still be doing next year. I really didn't think I would like homeschooling and there are days where I don't really like it that much, but overall it is been something God has helped me be more open to. I never thought it would be something I would even consider, but I do find it's the best for our kids and our family. I just have to keep abiding in the vine (Christ) 'cause without Him I really can do nothing - especially not homeschooling!

On a side note please be in prayer for little AJ. We were out today and when we came home she was burning up. She had about 103 degree temperature and was throwing up. Her fever has come down but she's still not feeling well. Of course we are always busy on the weekends but this weekend in particular because of all the graduations and parties. Oh well, maybe God knew I needed to just rest with AJ and enjoy her even if she is sick.

We are also looking forward to Nick's mom coming down again :) for awhile. She is such a blessing and we are so blessed to have her. You really do appreciate your family more when you don't have them all the time. So those out there who live close to their families...don't take it for granted. No one cares for your children quite like a grandparent and our children have 4 wonderful grandparents.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Been Nice!

Today sure has been a great day for me...even though we have pretty much just stayed around the house. After the long and busy weekend that we had, it was nice to just do nothing today. Bryson and I (daddy) have hung out a lot today. That has been fun. He broke his glasses over the weekend so we had to go get those fixed, then we did some other things around town. Then the weather has been HOT here and so we went swimming earlier today. Of course from the pics, you can see that AJ joined us after a while. She loves the water just like Bryson and it is so fun watching her play in the water.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today was Zeke's Neurology appointment in Savannah for his headaches, and needless to say they think he may suffer from migraines and some other little things. So to determine that, he is going to be having a series of tests the first week of June. Thanks to MeMe coming back down to be with us and help out, we really appreciate our families. Zeke on Monday June 2nd will be having an EEG. It is a sleep deprived test so that is not going to be fun. Then he will have an MRI on June 6 where he will be sedated so he will be still. That is going to be a rough week for him so please pray for him. It is rough seeing him go through these things.

Today after his appointment, while we were in Savannah all day, we did some more car shopping and of course something I have been waiting for (Dad) is that AJ got her ears pierced today. She did so GOOD and is so adorable. She was to begin with, but these little earrings are so cute. I never thought as Dad I would love the whole girl thing. She is so adorable and I love getting her little cute things and stuff. She can't even talk and she already has her dad wrapped around her little finger! UH OH!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to the Routine

We haven't blogged in awhile 'cause it's been so crazy around here lately. We went to Michigan for a week and then our boys were gone for another week and then we had Nick's parents here with us up until yesterday. It's been really fun getting together and seeing everyone. It was nice to have Nick's mom here for Mother's Day and we really did have a great time with everyone.

However, I am looking forward to getting into our normal routine. The boys really need to finish up school and I'm already getting prepared for them next year since Bryson will officially be in Kindergarten (can you believe it!). Last night I had to do a devotion for a baby shower which I was extremely nervous about. I'm just so amazed that God still decides to use me despite of all my weaknesses. Through it all I was reminded that in everything I try to do, including raising my children, I can do nothing without HIM. John 15:5, "I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." Just the thought of homeschooling next year seems like a daunting task. I think of all my obstacles, I have three children one being a baby. I still have all of the other home things and ministry things I have to do as well. Then I sigh a big relief knowing that if I remember to abide in Christ He will do the work through me.

I'll add some pictures and stuff later, but we are still around and haven't forgotten about our blog.