Monday, August 27, 2007

Not Much

Well, we haven't blogged for a while cause we just have forgot. We haven't been doing too much out of the ordinary except getting ready for AJ. So with that comes different projects around the house and getting ready for my parents to get down here this weekend. Other than that, just continue to remember Amanda and AJ in your prayers as any minute she could come. Hope everyone is doing great and hey, we are excited about our best friends Mark and Kimberly Kirkpatrick...they too are having a baby! YAH

Monday, August 20, 2007

Church Baby Shower

Ya, that is kind of funny, a "Church" baby shower for the Churches. :) Last night after the evening service our church blessed us immensly with gifts for AJ. I will never be able to thank this church enough for taking care of us, I am just so thankful to God and pray so many blessings upon our wonderful church family. I am so saddended for those in this world today that don't have a good home church family. Being away from our mom's and dads' and other family members, the church makes it so much more better for us. Thank you God for Rincon Baptist Temple!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is it Growing Yet?

We are homeschooling the boys this year and have been learning about plants. We planted a bean seed the other day and right after we were done planting it, the boys sat and watched it. They thought it would grow right away. It was really funny!

Attack of the Thing and Buzz!!

A couple weeks ago we got the boys some costumes at the thrift store. We don't do Halloween but the boys really like to dress up. Every day they wake up and want to put on their suits...Zeke calls it his "soup." I was looking for them one morning and found them in my bathroom looking at themselves! Zeke calls Bryson's mask the "scary face." They are such funny boys.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Tonight was our 'usual' saturday night hang out with the teens called, "REFUEL" but we were in for a little different surprise. Tonight we went to one of our teens house for our time together, and when we get there it was a surprise. Bridget had planned a youth group shower for AJ. They gave us a bunch of gifts and things we really needed. It is nice to know that you are loved, and I really appreciate what these teens did for us. We have the best group in the world :)They played some games, the girls held a bottle while the boys drank coke, then the girls got to dress up the boys and then it was Mrs. Hand's AWESOME cake and gifts. It was a great night. All the girls were taught how to croche by Deena and so they all made a square in the blanket they made for AJ :) It is very precious!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary, but today was my day off, so I suprised Amanda tonight by getting a kid sitter and I took her to Lady and Sons. If you are familiar with place in Savannah GA, it is owned by Paula Dean. It was good food, but we had to wait in line for over an hour just to put our name on a list to come back to dinner. Definetly the effort was a lot, food was good but something I wouldn't do all the time. Now we can say that we have been to Lady and Sons.