Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elf Yourself

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Tammie and Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Just got into your Blog and enjoyed all the good news it soung like we have some really fast learners and smart Great Grandchildrens of course we know that, they are so cute.
Tell The boys The Great Grandparents are looking for a email from them.
We work up to wat below zero infact it was below zero still at 10 O'clock it didn't get to warm all day. But we don't mine it.
Good to read the Blog
We had the canata at Church Sunday night and it was so Good Paul does a Great Job and everyone enjoys him.
We pray you all and we sure enjoyed the good news about Zeke we are praying thay all goes well with him
Our Love and Prayers Grampa and Gramma Booth