Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas So far...

This year has been a little different for our family during this Christmas season.  We don't always know why things happen when they do, but that doesn't matter cause God does and we count only in Him.  A week ago today, Amanda got a phone call from her dad letting her know that her Uncle had passed away.  Immediately, we bought a airline ticket and AJ and Amanda flew out the next day.  Please pray for Amanda and her family with the loss of a family member this close to the holiday season.  I know that they will appreciate it.  

With Amanda and AJ in OK, that left me with just the boys.  I have loved my time with them as we don't get to hang out as much as I know we should.  We have done lots of things together, like gone to McDonald's and again went to McDonalds, and then we actually had mexican, then it was back to McDonalds.  :)  I probably let the boys get away with more than usual, like staying up late, camping out in my bedroom, and having coke and chocolate cake right before bedtime.  But hey, it is not like we do that all the time right?  They are finally flying back to home tonight and we are very anxious to get them home. 

As for other things, I have greatly realized that my wife does so much for this family.  As husbands, we know that our wives do a lot, but it is when we are put in their shoes that we realize we take it for granted sometimes.  My wife is the best and I want everyone to know that I love her so much.  I realized these things while she was gone, while I had to do all the baths for the boys, laundry, cook (a little) do all the Christmas Cards (probably forgot some) and bake 100 cookies for all the SS. teachers at church.  Usually she would have done most of that, but when I had to do it all, it gave me a greater appreciation for my wife.  Husbands, if you are reading this, remember what your wife has done and thank her for all she still does for your family.  They are precious gifts that God has given to us. 

As for Christmas ideas for family this year, we made a DVD of our family, so I thought I would put it on our blog.  Just photos mainly of the kids over the years.  Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to ya'll!

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Tammie and Kevin said...

I can't believe you baked off 100 cookies! Did you burn any?
Your dad and I absolutely adore the video you made for us. Thank you so so very much. Every picture has a memory with it for us.
We love you all and are very proud of each one of you.
God bless and Merry Christmas!!!!