Friday, October 17, 2008

Bryson's Science Project

We finally finished up Bryson's science project for a science fair I signed him up for in November. He made sugar crystals and then watched them grow. One was "seeded" meaning had been soaked in water and rolled in sugar and the other one was not. Now we just have to learn all the science type stuff of why that happened and so forth and then put the presentation together. I think he had fun with it.

The only other thing going on really is getting ready to leave for Michigan. We got all the sweaters and winter stuff down from the basement. We even had to go buy baby girl a new coat. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. I've been getting a bunch of car stuff together so we can have an unconventional school in the car ont he way there. We might as well since we'll just be sitting for two days :). It will be good to get away for a bit and the fall is my favorite time of year in Michigan.

Keep praying about our house selling. We've had it now for two years and we'll be putting it back up on the market in March since we have renters in it right now. We've had quite the ordeal with our home insurance company so we have to go up and make a few repairs to get it insurance qualified. It seems to be such a burden but everything in life we can learn from. The thing I've learned the most is that God is in control of every situation...He knows our needs and is faithful to supply our needs. I'm so thankful for that today and have to remind myself of that truth as I trust Him for our future.

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Tammie and Kevin said...

I remember that experiment. What a good experience for Bryson to learn.
Can't wait to see you guys real soon. AS Bubba said, 3 more da
Love ya all.